320/12–1951: Telegram

The Acting United States Representative at the United Nations (Roosevelt) to the Secretary of State

Delga 745. Subject: New Soviet item. Following is res which USSR tabled in Comite One this afternoon after an initial 15 minute statement by Vyshinsky:1

“Complaint of aggressive acts of the United States of America and its interference in the domestic affairs of other countries, as instanced by the appropriation of 100 million dollars to finance the recruitment of persons and the organization or armed groups in the Soviet Union, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania and a number of other democratic countries, as well as outside the territory of these countries.

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics: Draft resolution.

The General Assembly condemns the ‘Mutual Security Act of 19.51’ which has been adopted in the United States of America and which [Page 845 [485]] provides for the appropriation of funds for conducting subversive activities against certain states, as an act of aggression and interference in the internal affairs of other states, in contravention of the principles of the United Nations charter and of the generally acknowledged terms of international law.

The General Assembly recommends the Government of the United States of America to take the necessary measures to abrogate this act.”

  1. For official text, see GA (VI), Annexes, fascicule for agenda item 69.