Editorial Note

There follows a list of certain Department of State position papers or “Instructions” which were prepared for the guidance of the United States Delegation to the Sixth Regular Session of the General Assembly which was to convene at Paris on November 6, 1951. These papers were organized into a Delegation book entitled Soviet Peace Propaganda at the 6th GA.

“Present status of problem of provision of armed forces for use by Security Council pursuant to Article 43” (Doc. SD/A/243, September 27, 1951);
“Possible Soviet charges of discriminatory United States trade policies” (Doc. SD/A/244, October 6, 1951);
“World Peace Council” (Doc. SD/A/245, September 11, 1951);
“Five Power Pact proposal of the Soviet Union” (Doc. SD/A/246, October 9, 1951);
“United States position on Resolution 377 (V) C (Syrian-Iraq resolution calling for Big Five meetings and report thereon)” (Doc. SD/A/247, October 1, 1947);
“General Assembly resolution on regional and collective self-defense organizations” (Doc. SD/A/249, October 10, 1951);
“Soviet propaganda tactics in the General Assembly” (Doc. SD/A/250, October 10, 1951);
“Soviet charges on establishment of United States military bases” (Doc. SD/A/252, October 19, 1951);
“Possible Soviet proposals for information-cultural exchanges” (Doc. SD/A/253, October 19, 1951).