330/7–2051: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Representative at the United Nations (Austin)1


47. Re election to SC seat now held by Yugo. To Dept’s knowledge, Greece is thus far only announced candidate Yugo seat, although USSR will undoubtedly put forward satellite and possibility other candidacies still exist.

Dept does not favor election satellite to Eastern Eur seat. Provided Greece can obtain sufficient support other UN Members, Dept presently favors its election for fol reasons:

Greece among strong supporters UN programs, including Korea. First qualification stipulated in Charter re contribution UN Members maintenance Internati peace and security and other purposes Organization cld be emphasized in support its election.
It might be easier for Greece win Eastern Eur seat this year than Near East and African seat next since larger number states compete for latter and in view bargaining power Arab League and its influence over choice Near East candidates.
Greece borders on area from which Eastern Eur seat hitherto filled and has deep interests that area. Further, unduly rigid adherence past geographical categories wld exclude Greece from consideration SC seat.

Dept realizes there may be opposition Grk candidacy on grounds since Greece not normally considered Eastern Eur country, her election to succeed Yugo inconsistent with understanding reached informally in 19462 and followed succeeding years that one SC seat reserved for Eastern Eur area, and also in view proximity Greece and Turkey, latter of which now serving 1951–52 SC term.

Without indicating any firm US position, ascertain views UK, Fr, Canada, Braz and Phil re Grk candidacy. Also ascertain Braz estimate possible attitude other LA countries.

  1. Repeated for information to Athens as 353.
  2. For documentation regarding U.S. policy at London in 1946 with respect to elections to United Nations organs, etc., see Foreign Relations, 1946, vol. i, pp. 117 ff.