310.2/8–1451: Telegram

The United States Representative at the United Nations (Austin) to the Secretary of State


223. Re membership. Bearing in mind Hickerson’s ltr July 19 to me and Ital feeling manifested with insistence recently that US is letting Italy down by not finding way around Sov veto so that she can [Page 333] become member, we are inclined to think there wld be advantage in US, as SC pres, bringing membership question up this month. If nothing else resulted action wld at least show Itals our desire help them. GA res of Dec 4, 1950 and fact SC is seized of item wld be adequate grounds for this action. GA recommendations referred to in ref res cover only countries we wish admitted. We wld contemplate SC consideration of all these applications since it wld be practically out of the question to try to put Italy up alone (UK has commitments to Ceylon, etc.). If USSR presents usual omnibus counter res adding satellites, and result is failure of Sov res to obtain majority and veto, by Sov of individual application of our friends, no harm is done and at least we have made gesture to Itals.

Gen Crittenberger1 recently in Italy reports widespread sensitiveness there to failure Italy be admitted to UN, with tendency to criticize US for not bringing its influence sufficiently to bear to bring about admission.2 Gov Lodge of Connecticut reported in press this morning to have confirmed Ital interest in admission to UN.

We shld appreciate Dept’s views soonest in order work out our SC schedule for rest of month.

  1. Lt. Gen Willis D. Crittenberger, United States member, the Military Staff Committee of the Security Council.
  2. Marginal notation: “We can’t accept this.”