UNP Files, Lot 59 D 237, “Membership General IV (Beg. 1951)”

Memorandum by the Director of the Office of United Nations Political and Security Affairs (Wainhouse) to the Assistant Secretary of State for United Nations Affairs (Hickerson)


Attached is a memorandum1 to Ambassador Gross2 for your signature on the membership question and related matters to serve as a basis for discussions with the UK, French and Canadian delegations.

You will recall that at Monday’s meeting3 we discussed alternative arrangements concerning Italy. At that time it was suggested that one of the alternatives, that which concerned an amendment to the Charter to give Italy membership in the Trusteeship Council, be expanded to give Italy voting rights in the General Assembly on questions affecting Somaliland and on general questions relating to the operation of the trusteeship system which have an effect on Italy’s administration of Somaliland. Mr. Gerig at the time of the meeting thought that Italy might have requested such broad participation. However, inasmuch as the observations made by Italy on this matter referred only to her participation in the Trusteeship Council and also since the Trusteeship Council resolution included only the question of the full participation of Italy in the work of that Council, Mr. Gerig thought it would be preferable not to expand the alternative. We have consequently left it in its original form.

  1. Infra.
  2. The addressee was changed subsequently to be Ambassador Austin.
  3. July 16. No record has been found of this meeting. Presumably the Taylor memorandum of July 16 with enclosures, supra, provided the basis for discussion.