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Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. Ward P. Allen, Special Assistant on United Nations Affairs, Bureau of European Affairs


Subject: Italian Participation in the Trusteeship Council

Participants: Mr. J. G. Boyd, First Secretary, British Embassy
Mr. Ward P. Allen, EUR

Following up a previous informal conversation with Mr. Meade of the British Embassy on this subject, Mr. Boyd called to report that since the British Foreign Office shares our view that there is no way to give Italy a vote in the Trusteeship Council under the Charter which would not be subject to the Soviet veto, they had already made this clear to the Italians and will continue to do so if the latter raise it again. They likewise feel that it would be pointless for the General Assembly to refer the question to the ICJ and will make that clear to the Italians if the latter should mention it. Mr. Boyd inquired whether in the light of our identity of views on this matter we still desired to have the subject remain on the tentative agenda for the forthcoming colonial talks. I indicated that it seemed desirable to retain the topic on the agenda, not with the thought of any extensive discussion but merely to provide opportunity to review the situation at that time in the light of any developments or any information then available as to proposals which other countries might be intending to put forward in the General Assembly. Mr. Boyd agreed.