350/2–1551: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Representative at the United Nations ( Austin )


712. Tcdel. For the United States Delegation to the Trusteeship Council. Confirming tele cons between Dept and TCDel, Del shld support deletion phrase “upon the invitation of the President” in second sentence of rule A relating to participation Ital in deliberations of TC.1 Phrase considered undesirable since subject to interpretation that it imposes limitation on Italy’s participation in Council’s deliberations on general questions relating to operation of international trusteeship system. If question arises in TC, Del shld oppose formation TC Comite to consider question of Ital voting in TC. If such Comite nevertheless formed, US membership shld be avoided.

  1. At this time a committee of the Trusteeship Council was engaged in revising the Council’s rules of procedure to take into account the anomalous situation created by the assumption of United Nations trusteeship authority in Somaliland by a Non-Member of the United Nations (Italy). The committee was established on January 31 with the strong support of the United States, and the United States Representative on the Trusteeship Council (Sayre) was actively engaged in its work. Rule A was drafted to provide for Italy’s participation without vote in the work of the Council as it related to the Somaliland trusteeship and questions of general policy. One draft proposed that Italy’s participation would proceed from an invitation by the president of the Council.