350/2–851: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Italy 1


3437. Ital Emb informs Dept Ital observer UN has been instructed press for full Ital participation TC including right to vote. Ital Govt said to believe owing Ital non-membership UN although an administering power, new situation exists which not contemplated when UN Charter adopted.

[Page 295]

Dept informally explained that only ways in which Ital participation with vote cld be achieved are (a) Ital admission UN or (b) amendment Art 86 Charter in accordance Art 108. Neither these courses feasible or likely be fruitful at this time; in any case TC cannot act thereon. TC cld at most make recommendation to GA.

Accordingly, Dept indicated to Ital Emb US Del cld not support proposal for Ital vote in TC but wld of course take position outlined last sentence Deptel 3297 Feb 1.

Dept requests you informally convey our thinking this matter to appropriate officials FonOff. You shld add to foregoing our thought that attempts force either membership or Charter amendment issues at this time wld be ill-advised and, apart from US inability support Ital, might well be counterproductive for Ital, not only in TC but in more gen UN context.

  1. Repeated for information to USUN as 694.