A/MS Files, Lot 53 D 291 (V), “Ninth Proviso”

Memorandum by Mr. William E. Ailshie of the Office of Consular Affairs 1

VD is not interested in accreditation cases unless a visa question is involved.
UNA may, so far as VD is concerned, inform USUN in all consultation-accreditation cases that if the applicant for accreditation is lawfully in the United States VD is not concerned with accreditation. INS (New York) can inform USUN if alien is in United States in lawful status.
If applicant for accreditation must apply for visa the case will be referred Department by consular officer for advisory opinion, as provided in outstanding instructions.
When advisory opinion requested by consular officer SY will make usual security check with FBI and CIA and Department’s files.
SY will inform VD of results of security check.
VD will consult appropriate officers of Department and formulate advisory opinion, which will be routed through SY, CON and UNA.
UNA may then advise USUN regarding prospects visa issuance and whether there is any objection to accreditation.
USUN may then inform UN regarding prospects visa issuance, and whether there is any objection to accreditation.
When consular officer receives advisory opinion from Department he may act.
If advisory opinion favorable consular officer, in issuing visa, will charge usual visa fee, if any, unless evidence of accreditation by UN is presented by applicant.
If advisory opinion unfavorable visa will be withheld regardless of any accreditation action by UN.
If ninth proviso necessary before advisory opinion can be rendered VD will draft letter to Attorney General for ninth proviso authorization, provided responsible officers of Department agree to recommend ninth proviso action by Attorney General, routing through UNA.
UNA may inform USUN when ninth proviso request is made and USUN may then appropriately inform UN.
If responsible officers of Department decide that ninth proviso action will not be recommended UNA will be informed and may so inform USUN, which will register US objection to accreditation with UN.
  1. This memorandum was drafted to provide the views of the Office of Consular Affairs on a memorandum of May 17 written by Joseph S. Henderson of the Division of International Administration and which dealt with recommendations that were being formulated for the revision of procedure for the accreditation by the United Nations of newspaper correspondents (May 17 memorandum, 314.1/5–1751). On May 25 the two memoranda were forwarded to the Assistant Secretary of State for United Nations Affairs (Hickerson) by the Director of the Onice of International Administration and Conferences (Hall), with the comment that the Office of Consular Affairs had approved the Henderson memorandum “provided there is nothing therein inconsistent with a memorandum dated May 24, 1951 [instant] which he [Ailshie] has made a part of the file.” (A/MS Files, Lot 53 D 291 (V), “Ninth Proviso”)