Editorial Note

On February 1, 1951, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted a resolution finding the Chinese Communists to be aggressors in Korea (for documentation on this subject, see volume VII, pages 1 ff.). On February 2 the American Universal Postal Union delegation at Cairo queried the Department of State as to whether the Chinese representation question should be reopened when the full meeting of the Universal Postal Union convened on February 5, in light of this action of the General Assembly on February 1. The Department responded as follows on February 2: “Dept believes that it is up to each Govt to take GA res into account, as it sees fit, in determining its position on Chi representation in UN and specialized agencies. You … might, as appropriate, state that so far as US concerned we do not think Commies shd participate UN or specialized agencies while they engaged aggression and will cast our votes accordingly. Suggest you make no further efforts re-open representation matter in circumstances.” (Telegram 749 to Cairo, February 2, 7 p. m., 399.10–UPU/2–151)

On the basis of procedural motions, in the course of which no United States motion was brought up, the Universal Postal Union decided on February 5 to proceed with its substantive agenda and not to take up the China issue (Telegram 843 from Cairo, February 5, 6 p. m., 399.10 UPU/2–551).