399.10/1–2551: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Gifford ) to the Secretary of State


4104. ReEmbtel 3940; Chinese Communist representation Universal Postal Union.

British decision reached late January 24 and will be formally communicated to Department January 25 by British Embassy Washington in view Rusk’s conversation with Franks.1 FonOff has decided UK cannot support either (1) US resolution or (2) resolution proposed by “middle way” states to effect that UPU should wait for Assembly action and in meantime both Chinese Governments should send observers only. UK delegation being instructed to vote for resolution along lines USSR resolution provided that it is made clear that UPU is not being bound in perpetuity to seat Chinese Communists and that Cairo conference developments are not logical sequence of Montreux conference last year. If it is made certain that Chinese Communists being admitted for Cairo conference only UK will vote for Chinese Communist representation.

FonOff states bases UK decision are: (1) Assembly resolution concerning representation of member state does not in any way oblige other UN organs to hold up decisions which such organs have to take for immediate purposes of their work. (2) Since only Peking Government is actually in position to implement any decisions Cairo conference Peking Government would appear entitled to representation.

Sent Department 4104; repeated Cairo 118.

  1. No Rusk-Franks conversation has been identified in this context.