399.10–UPU/1–2351: Telegram

The Ambassador in Egypt (Caffery) to the Secretary of State


766. Department also inform Postmaster General. Situation re question Chinese representative UPU-IATA conference briefly: vote put over until Thursday morning session to allow Swiss, Dutch and British delegations clarify positions with their governments. Today’s meeting US position placed before conference. Russia countered with a proposal to maintain status quo established Montreux last May. We in anomalous position because no one seconded our proposition. This lapse unnoticed by Russia and vote on proposition to go forward Thursday unless parliamentary question raised. Line-up at this time for US position: Argentine, Brazil, possibly France, making total of four votes. Possible abstainers: Switzerland, Sweden, Egypt, Holland; doubtful, Yugoslavia. Against US position: UK, Russia, Czechoslovakia. This seems to indicate victory for US position but France is very doubtful and final position of Yugoslavia very doubtful. For information delegate Brazil and Argentine instructed to support us in votes but not to speak on subject. They construe this to prevent them from seconding our position. French delegate refuses to second position and will not finally commit himself. Urge action by State Department in two parts: (1) obtain permission from Argentine and Brazil for delegates to speak and second; (2) press Switzerland, Holland, possibly UK and Yugoslavia on importance supporting US position, possibly on Yugoslavia obtain abstainer if not affirmative support. Request information soonest your decision.

Sent Department 766; repeated information Stockholm 3, Oslo 2, Geneva 3, Paris 36, Rio 1, Buenos Aires 1, The Hague 2, Belgrade 1, London 147.