399.10–UPU/1–2251: Telegram

The Ambassador in Sweden (Butterworth) to the Secretary of State


864. For USDel. Further study by Swedish Foreign Office (Embtel 866, January 22)1 has resulted in decision that Swedish delegate will be instructed to take same position with respect to seating of Chinese representatives as was taken at UPU Executive Committee meeting at Montreux last May. At that time, Swedes supported Swiss motion to seat Chinese Communist representatives because they represented authorities controlling territory and communications. Foreign Office commented that decision was based on purely technical considerations and was not political and same is true this time. Commented further that decision last May was taken for that meeting alone even though Soviet delegate objected and wanted to establish principle of Chinese Communist representative at meetings of specialized and technical agencies.

Sent Department 864; repeated info Cairo unnumbered, Copenhagen 33, Oslo 30.

  1. Not printed.