Operational and Topical Assignments for the Advisory Staff of the United States Delegation to the General Assembly, Paris, November 6, 1951 1


11 Representatives and Alternate Representatives*

Senior Advisers:

John C. Ross

Durward V. Sandifer

Economic Adviser:

Isador Lubin

Legal Adviser:

Adrian S. Fisher

Trusteeship Adviser:

Francis B. Sayre

Principal Executive Officer:

Paul B. Taylor

Betty C. Gough, Special Assistant

Committee I (Political and Security):

David W. Wainhouse, Executive Officer

Ad Hoc Political and Security Committee:

Eric Stein, Executive Officer

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Charles G. Bolté

James N. Hyde

Ambassador Alan G. Kirk

Philip A. Mangano

Leonard C. Meeker

Howard Meyers

Ad Hoc Advisers:

Harding F. Bancroft (Collective Measures)

Jefferson Patterson (Balkan Commission)

James W. Barco (Palestine Commission)

Ely E. Palmer (Palestine Commission)

Lewis Clark (Libyan Commission)

Frank C. Nash (Armaments)

R. Gordon Arneson (Armaments)

Committee II (Economic and Financial):

Edmund H. Kellogg, Executive Officer

William J. Stibravy

Committee III (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural):

James F. Green, Executive Officer

James Simsarian

Committee IV (Trusteeship):

Benjamin O. Gerig, Executive Officer

Vernon D. McKay

Committee V (Administrative and Budgetary):

William O. Hall, Executive Officer

Carol C. Laise

Committee VI (Legal):

John Maktos

Area Advisers:


Frederick E. Nolting

Ward P. Allen

John E. Utter

Thomas J. Cory

Far East:

Amb. David M. Key

Ruth E. Bacon

Near East:

Edwin A. Plitt

Joseph Palmer II

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Latin America:

John C. Dreier

Edward P. Maffitt

Richard I. Phillips

Military Advisers:

Vice Admiral O. C. Badger

Lt. General Willis D. Crittenberger

Lt. General Hubert R. Harmon

Congressional Staff Advisers:

Francis O. Wilcox (subject to possible change)

Boyd Crawford

Information Officers:

Porter McKeever


John Mac Vane

Chester Williams

Jeanne Singer

Charles Norberg or Lt. Col. Chester Hansen

Lt. Col. Glenn Harland Wood

Lt. Col. K. K. Hansen

Edward V. Roberts

Lowell Clucas

Robert Haney


to the Secretary of State to Ambassador Austin
Lucius D. Battle William Mills
Marshall S. Shulman Josephine Thompson
Barbara Evans to Representative Mansfield
to Mrs. Roosevelt ____________(if named)
Malvina Thompson to Representative Vorys
to Ambassador Jessup ________ (if named)
Louis H. Pollak

Supporting Staff:

To be presented at a later date when nominations are complete.

  1. Source text was Tab C of memorandum of October 15 from Assistant Secretary Hickerson to the Secretary of State, not printed (320/10–1551).
  2. When the Secretary is present, one Representative will serve as Alternate and one Alternate as Adviser. [Footnote in the source text.]