320/12–651: Telegram

The United States Representative at the United Nations ( Austin ) to the Secretary of State

confidential   niact

Delga 531. For Hickerson and Ingram from Hall. No further distribution. Re contributions: In discussion with Roosevelt, Vorys and Mansfield, Rooney and Harvey1 indicated 36.90% position of Dept satisfactory. Committee proposed floor fight next session repeal compromise Williams Amendment. Considered no further action necessary for US vote for contributions committee report. Rooney opposed proposal for 18 months appropriation and urged straight-forward acceptance contributions committee report. In Vorys’ view Rooney opposition ends possibility 18 months proposal. Vorys uncertain whether he can support contributions committee proposal.2 [Hall.]

  1. Congressman John J. Rooney, member of the Appropriations Committee of the House of Representatives and George Y. Harvey, Clerk of the Appropriations Committee.
  2. The following typewritten notation appears on the source text: “Advance copy to Mr. Hickerson’s office (UNA) 12/6.”