320/12–351: Telegram

The United States Representative at the United Nations (Austin) to the Secretary of State


Delga 485. For Hickerson. Hall outlined proposals contained Delga 468 to USGADel this morning emphasizing successful execution would depend not only our ability obtain favorable Executive and Congressional action with respect an 18 month appropriation and transfer TA funds from bilateral to UN program, but also ability to convince other dels US Congress will back up action of USGADel.

USGADel’s reaction as follows:1

Gross questioned whether such complex scheme preferable to clear cut proposal to accept contributions comite report this year and instruct it to reduce US contribution to 33⅓ percent next year.

Mrs. Roosevelt indicated her understanding financial effect of both substantially same, but proposal outlined Delga 468 would enable USGADel to follow letter PL 188.

Vorys agreed this most important advantage. He and Mansfield expressed conviction this scheme could be sold Congress as only feasible way of achieving 33⅓ percent goal this year. Both recognized and accepted responsibility this imposed on them and pledged themselves to do everything possible secure necessary Congressional action.

Cooper, recalling US failure to deliver on tax exemption, pointed to risk of making promises based on predictions of Congressional attitudes. He stressed importance of making clear to other dels exact nature of plan.

Lubin wondered whether proposal to increase US TA contribution would discourage contributions other countries to $20 million goal. [Page 197] Hall replied such additional contribution would be on same matched basis.

Cohen considered it desirable follow course of action for which Executive and legislative support assured. He queried whether it might be more acceptable US provide additional $1,500,000 in form advance to increase US share WCF instead TA fund. Hall felt such unilateral action undesirable from both US and UN standpoint. Vorys concurred.

Ross stated scheme offered concrete and constructive means obtaining political support.

Sandifer, while calling attention necessity for not underestimating hurdles which commitments contained these proposals involved, thought assurances Vorys and Mansfield offered sufficient basis for trying gain acceptance this proposal in GA. He endorsed making recommendation to Dept.

Strauss felt proposed scheme difficult explain but thought it offered best solution.

Jessup agreed with Cohen desirability following course supported by both executive and legislative members of USGADel.

USGADel concluded US position along lines para 1–4, Delga 468 shld be strongly recommended to Dept. Question of strategy for introduction this proposal not considered. Instructions authorizing USGADel proceed on this basis urgently requested.

If this position agreed by Dept, Vorys and Hall believe most desirable submit request for six month appropriation as supplementary estimate for US fiscal 1952. With Vorys, Mansfield and Hall available to push such legislation in January, might be possible pay one-half US contribution for 1952 before GA adjourns.2

  1. The lengthy minutes of this meeting are not printed (IO Files: Doc. US/A/M(Chr)/211, December 3, 1951).
  2. The following typewritten notation appears on the source text: “Mr. Hickerson’s office (UNA) informed 5:40 p. m. 12/3/51.”