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Department of State Instruction to the United States Delegation to the Sixth Regular Session of the General Assembly


The Moroccan Question

the problem

To determine the United States position in the General Assembly on the question entitled “Violation of the Principles of the Charter and of the Declaration of Human Rights by France in Morocco” Submitted by the Arab States.


1. The Delegation should support, at any stage of the discussion, postponement of the question, preferably for an indefinite period of time, if such a move appears to have adequate support and is at least tacitly acquiesced in by the Arab States.

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2. If postponement cannot be achieved, the Delegation should continue to make every effort to persuade the French not to oppose the inclusion of the matter on the agenda.

3. The Delegation should abstain in the vote on the inclusion of the matter in the agenda in the General Committee.

4. The Delegation should continue its efforts to impress upon the French the necessity of undertaking discussions with Arab delegates and leaders in order to avoid, if at all possible, a situation in which a majority of the United Nations Members would vote against the French. The Delegation should also continue to urge the French to state in the General Assembly their policy and objectives in Morocco as thoroughly and effectively as possible. The Delegation should consult closely with the French on every aspect of this matter.

5. The Delegation should endeavor to moderate the Arab-Asian action in the Assembly.

6. The Delegation should oppose any condemnatory resolution or the setting up of a commission of investigation and should consult the Department on any proposals offered by other Delegations.