Memorandum of Conversation, by the Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs (Perkins)

top secret

Participants: Sir Oliver Franks, British Ambassador
Mr. George W. Perkins, Assistant Secretary of State

Sir Oliver was in about other matters today.1 He talked with considerable length about his personal feeling that the UK should become independent of US aid. The discussion was purely on a personal basis.

[Page 1683]

The important fact is that he told me that he had now decided to take this up with London, and that he had written a first communication to London, in general raising the problem with them. He further said that he felt so strongly about it that he intended to push on the matter and hoped that his view would ultimately prevail.

He said that he hoped we were continuing to think about it. I assured him that we were, although we did not see at all clearly what, if anything, should be done.

  1. A memorandum of Ambassador Franks’ conversation with Perkins about the Anglo-American military talks scheduled for the end of October, not printed, is in file 740.5/9–2950.