765.5 MAP/1–450: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Italy

top secret

123. Urtel 36 Jan 4.1 Delicacy of Ital polit situation recognized here and Dept wishes cooperate with you in development MDA Program so that Prime Mins hand in his support of coop with West will be strengthened and moderate Socialist and Republican support will continue rather than being alienated. Recognizing this situation, which incidentally has its counterpart in other MDAP countries, every effort will be made inform you in advance and seek ur guidance on prospective MDAP steps. Wherever possible you will be given opportunity take these cases up with Ital Govt prior initiation action. This connection see Deptels 82, 83 of Jan 92 concerning addition of personnel MDAP staff. Effort provide for advance clearance will be made especially on actions which may have effect on Ital public opinion and internal polit situation.

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