Editorial Note

In a memorandum of October 31, 1950, to the Executive Secretary of the National Security Council, James C. Lay, Under Secretary of State James C. Webb transmitted a Second Progress Report on NSC 40/1, “The Position of the United States With Respect to United States and North Atlantic Security Interests in Iceland”. The brief report concluded as follows:

“Considerable progress has been made in overcoming the unsatisfactory situation in the security of Iceland and US unpreparedness to [Page 1467] meet that situation, which together gave rise to NSC 40/1. The potentialities in the problem of the security of Iceland, however, remain grave and allow for no relaxation of our alertness or our efforts in this direction.” (S/S–NSC Files: Lot 63 D 351: NSC 40 Series)

At its 71st meeting on November 9, 1950, the National Security Council noted and discussed this progress report “with particular reference to the possibility of increasing Icelandic cooperation in this matter.” (NSC Action 382: S/S–NSC (miscellaneous) Files, Lot 66 D 95, NSC Actions)

Concerning the First Progress Report on NSC 40/1, see page 1457.