751.5 MAP/6–2250: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in France


2957. Personal to Bruce, Bohlen and Bonesteel from Ohly.

Latest developments on FY 1950 program and delivery schedule together with Wash views on question exchange of info on new weapons given in Deptel 2931 to Paris, Jun 21.1 Ref Paris 2997, Jun 21 and London 3527, Jun 22.2
Dept and Dept Def appreciate and are putting forth most vigorous efforts to support Fr energy and resolution and M. Plevens in particular to build up morale, strength, organization and equip of Fr mil estab. Recognition of this resolve has led US Govt to share on a most equitable basis in light of strategic factors involved its available mil capital equip with Fr and other Eur NAT countries. This sharing of available mil capital equip will be pushed to the furthest extent possible consistent with US security needs and will be continued until new production closes the gap appreciably between requirements and availabilities. Fr and other MDAP countries shld realize US does not possess mil equip and supplies which can be disposed of at will and without regard to security needs of US and our allies.
Dept believes Pleven is most anxious to demonstrate concrete accomplishments in making Fr mil estab effective and is also proceeding on the basis of some misinformation on certain questions as well as lack of timely info on other questions. Dept believes you shld talk with Pleven and discuss subject, preferably along lines Deptel 2931 and Para 2, above. Dept requests that every effort be made to avoid intensifying Pleven’s expectations except on matters US is in position to make good and on time.
Re FY 1951 program for Fr, fol factors shld be kept in mind:
Present programs are subject to refinement and present distribution of aid by countries and services may be altered to meet latest developments in Eur defense efforts as well as emergency requirements outside NAT area.
Character and composition of FY 1951 programs will be similar to those in FY 1950. Equip being furnished under MDAP is identical in almost every respect with that being issued US forces.
Where new and improved mil equip is in production and current output can be diverted from Dept Def requirements, Def is making such equip available Fr., e.g., jet aircraft.
Dept and Dept Def will not consent disclosure of monetary value of equip by source in proposed FY 1951 program to Fr. Sufficient to state that most of Army equip to be supplied in FY 1951 will be from sources other than new procurement, except for the vital components and spare parts.

[Here follow further details regarding possible discussions, technical information, and production schedules.]

Pls keep us currently informed developments and ur views regarding Pleven’s actions.
Cleared Def. [Ohly.]
  1. Not printed; it stated in reply to telegram 2782 from Paris, June 9, that the need for more reliable forecasts was recognized, that Secretary of Defense Johnson had “directed maximum speed-up of deliveries, authorizing utilization of all rapid procurement devices and short-cuts,” and that every effort was being made to remedy the difficulties noted by Pleven. (751.5 MAP/6–2150)
  2. Neither printed.