750G.00/7–850: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the Soviet Union 1


43. Urtel 74 Jul 8.2 Dept concurs there is no need for formal reply to second Sov note on Trieste.3 Secy’s statement Jul 12 press conference re Aust Treaty Depty’s mtg4 said “Second note merely rpts [Page 1329] unfounded allegations in Sov note on Apr 20.5 This Govt’s reply of Jun 166 adequately answered those allegations.”

Dept has informed Brit and Fr Embs its views and understands from Fr Emb that Fr Govt sees no need for reply.

Dept believes that it wld be helpful in our relations with Ital, Yugo and Aust Govts if, in informing them of our views as stated para 1 above, we cld also say that our Amb Moscow has orally acknowledged receipt second Sov note on Trieste and has said that since it adds nothing to their earlier note we have nothing to add to ours of Jun 16. We are suggesting this course to Brit and Fr Embs.

  1. Repeated to Vienna as 65, USUN as 35, London as 239, Paris as 232, and Rome as 193, Belgrade as 39, Trieste as 20.
  2. Not printed.
  3. See editorial note, supra.
  4. Documentation regarding the position of the United States respecting the Austrian Treaty meetings is scheduled for publication in volume iv.
  5. See editorial note, p. 1317.
  6. See editorial note, p. 1325.