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Paper Agreed Upon by the French, United Kingdom, and United States Delegations to the United Nations1


Document 14 [D–1/1]

Position Concerning Draft Resolution on Spain

In preliminary discussions with the U.K., French and U.S. Delegations in New York on August 25 and September 6 it was agreed that

The three Governments would not support a resolution in the GA which would imply approval of the present Spanish Government or repeal in its entirety the 1946 Resolution of the GA which recommended recall of ambassadors, barred Spain from the Specialized Agencies and other UN activities, and referred to the origin and character of the Spanish Government and to possible future SC action.
The draft resolution proposed by Peru and Bolivia is likewise unacceptable.

Question for Discussion by the Foreign Ministers

The U.S. indicated its intention to support an amendment to the 1946 Resolution which would revoke the two recommendations that members recall their Ambassadors and that Spain be barred from membership in the Specialized Agencies. The U.K. and French Delegations reserved their positions.

  1. Attached to the source text was a cover sheet, not printed, dated September 7.