740.5/3–950: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom 1

secret   niact

1075. Pls deliver fol message from me to Bevin and Schuman if he is still in London (latter through Fr Emb).

“I believe that it wld be useful for us to meet again in the near future for another discussion of common problems. I also think it wld be useful to hold a mtg of the NAT Council for a substantive discussion by the 12 FonMins on how our common Pact objectives might be more vigorously pursued. This might mean a mtg of several days. If convenient to you and the other FonMins I cld come to Europe for a week or ten days beginning May 8. We are currently considering what topics cld most profitably be discussed bilaterally, trilaterally and in the Council and wld welcome your suggestions. I am sending a similar message to (Schuman-Bevin). If you both think well of this suggestion I will take it up at once with the other members.”

Paris, please deliver above message if undelivered London.

  1. Repeated to Paris as 1028.