740.00/7–2050: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Ireland 1


19. Re Embtel 21 July 20 (rptd Frankfort as 2),2 Dept notes from London’s report nr 373 of July 202 that item on Mins mtg of Council of Eur pertains to problem of associating Ger in some matter with Comite of Mins rather than making Ger full member of Council of Eur. It is our understanding that Ger probably cld not become full [Page 777] member until such time as conduct of fon relations is turned over to FedRep by HICOM. Meanwhile, however, there is nothing to prevent plan which wld allow Ger to have observer or other informal representation at all or some mtgs of Comite of Mins and its sub-comites. US of course favors eventual admission Ger as full member Council of Eur when such membership becomes technically possible. However, since US not member Council we have been most careful not to intervene or to try to influence its org or development. Dept wld not wish MacBride3 to purport to express US views.

  1. Message drafted by Wayne G. Jackson of the Office of British Commonwealth and Northern European Affairs and cleared by Miriam Camp of the Office of European Regional Affairs and Elim O’Shaughnessy of the Office of Western European Affairs. It was repeated to HICOG Frankfort as 714, to London as 507.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Not printed.
  4. Séan MacBride, President, Committee of Ministers, Council of Europe.