850.33/6–550: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic Offices 1

Dept representative made fol statement on Schuman plan to press conference Jun 5:

“We were glad to learn over the weekend that Fr, Ger, Belg, Italy, Lux and the Neth had agreed to meet to work out the implementation of the Schuman plan for pooling Eur coal and steel resources.

It is also a source of satis to know that the Govt of the UK, although it feels unable to accept, in advance of further exploration, tile far-reaching implications of the Fr proposal, has expressed its sympathy with the broad purposes of the Schuman plan and has stated its hope that the plan will work out in such a way as to permit Brit participation. We are therefore gratified that arrangements have been made for a continuous exchange of information with the UK during the progress of the negots.”

  1. Sent to London, Frankfort, The Hague, Rome, Oslo, Copenhagen, Paris, Brussels, Luxembourg, Bern, Stockholm, and Moscow.