740.5 MAP/2–1650: Telegram

The Chargé in the United Kingdom ( Holmes ) to the Secretary of State


898. ToMAP. For FMASC from ECC.

A. As result February 15 meeting, ECC recommends, without endorsing French jeep project, adoption principles suggested Embtel 555 January 31.1 Paragraph 1 reftel recommended screening AMP projects be performed with realization in mind implementation FY 50 program requires action short of ideal of standardization, integration, mutual aid, transfers, etc. Paragraph 2 reftel recommended authorization machine tools not be considered principally as means establish use in Europe of US designs.

B. ECC suggests principles reftel be augmented as follows:

Basic objective of filling maximum of enormous NAT deficiencies remaining after US end item programs dictates maximum use not only of appropriated FY 50 AMP funds, but of budgetary funds, man power and facilities currently available in many European NAT countries, consistent with economic recovery.
NAT development of standardization, integrated production and adequate transfer formula will be evolutionary over period of years.
US processing of many AMP projects can be rapid if review limited to that sufficient assure US fundamental soundness proposed production plans, that items proposed fill high priority NAT deficiencies and that aid requested is reasonably well justified. To this end reviewing agencies, all levels, should make reasonable judgments based on assumption country proposing project is capable of carrying it out unless information to contrary is known or is indicated during development or review of project statements and US questioning related thereto. For most projects percent US aid to total costs is small and more can be accomplished through encouraging expanded European military production by demanding minimum minute detail and conducting minimum plant inspections consistent with the above. Also validity requests for US aid should normally be based on information readily available to US agencies.
Believe FMACC can adequately carry out its responsibilities if it accepts to maximum the work and views of the field on project statements, limiting Washington review primarily to general determination of desirability of projects, validity of US. aid requested and capability US provide such aid.

Sent Department 898; repeated Paris 258, for OSR, Frankfort unnumbered, Heidelberg 30 for Handy,2 pouched Rome, Olso, Copenhagen, Brussels, The Hague.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Gen. Thomas T. Handy, Commander in Chief of U.S. Forces in Europe (CINCEUR) and U.S. Senior Military Representative for MDAP in Europe.