740.5 MAP/2–1650: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic Offices 1


This is State–Defense message. Secy of Defense Johnson as Chairman North Atlantic Defense Comite has sent ltr today to all North Atlantic Defense Ministers outlining need for review by Defense Comite of initial phase NAT planning. Also mentioned US desire for early meetings Defense Comite, Mil Comite and MPSB in view legislative programs from which US mutual assistance must flow. Consequently suggested Mar 31 for mtg Defense Comite, Mar 27 for Mil Comite, Mar 22 for MPSB, at place (preferably same for all three) to be determined. Requested views on dates and place.

Pls informally notify Defense Minister or other appropriate official he may expect ltr along these lines. Since ltr may be slow in arriving request you endeavor obtain informally and report soonest any reaction above suggestions.

You shld stress fact that dates suggested are latest possible if we are to be in position justify MDAP for FY51 to Congress and are earliest possible for review of plans which now under way.

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Washington NAT country missions informally being handed copy of Secy Johnson’s ltr.

FYI Ital govt has extended invitation for Defense Comite to meet in Rome. Also Hague and Lisbon mentioned but no formal invitations recd. Cautious handling above required so as avoid leak to press before arrangements finalized.

We are exploring possibility DFEC mtg in conjunction with mtgs proposed above.

  1. Sent to the Missions in the other 11 nations of the North Atlantic Pact.