320/9–1450: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom 1


1400. Dept has reviewed UK, French and Canadian suggestions GC slate. While USDel plans discuss GC in detail NY with UK, French, Canadian and other GADels, Dept has certain views proposed slate which it feels desirable give respective FonOffs in order facilitate NY discussions.

Dept has not heard rumor LA states desire Comite 1 post. Mexicans, including Padilla Nervo personally, have informed US Mexico does not desire comite chairmanship since Mex del small, and has formally requested support for vice-presidency. On merits US prefers WE chairman this comite, although we wld also be willing consider defeated Pres candidate this post. Choice of WE chairman for Ad Hoc Political Comite might create problem since this chairman not member GC and it might not be possible elect WE chairman for any other Main Comite. US wld not exclude possibility Padilla Nervo for Ad Hoc Political Comite, or even Comite 1.
On Comite 4 Dept continues prefer Prince Wan. While possibly not strongest conceivable chairman, he appears entirely competent to handle Comite, and Dept believes psychological advantages FE chairman Comite 4 outweigh other considerations. If UK and France [Page 124] strongly support Sarper,2 we wld reconsider but are aware choice of Sarper might make it difficult Obtain suitable geographic distribution GC posts and fear his election might have adverse effect Turkey’s SC candidacy. Also have doubts Sarper’s firmness as chairman, recalling his experience Comite 1 last year. If Prince Wan shld be dropped here, Dept wld wish give him serious consideration chairmanship Comite 6.
Dept still reviewing question suitable comite chairmanship Slav bloc. Comite 5 suggestion creates some problem since we feel this post might give Soviets opportunity for disruptive propaganda and delay in consideration of financial and administrative aspects of political problems they had already opposed in political comites. Possibility of Slav vice-presidency only, in addition to that of USSR, might be discussed further in NY.
  1. Repeated for action to Paris (1324), Ottawa (63), and the U.S. Mission, New York (265).
  2. Selim Sarper, Permanent Representative of Turkey at the United Nations.