738.02/6–150: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Haiti


146. You are authorized on June 5 ack Junta note of May 15 (urdes 248 May 19)1 stating US plsd resume relations Haiti. At same time Dept plans ack similar note2 from Haiti Emb here and state you have been authorized communicate Haiti FonOff in above sense.

In your note indicate this Govt has noted statements in Haiti note the (1) Junta will honor all Haiti’s internatl obligations, (2) authority Junta recognized throughout Haiti, and (3) Junta intends [Page 935] maintain democratic practices and call for new legislative elections soon as practicable.3

For your background info consensus replies Depcirtel May 244 to OAR sent you by air generally favorable and our missions being authorized today inform FonOff by June 3 of our intention resume relations June 5.

  1. Neither printed.
  2. Not printed.
  3. In telegram 188 from Port-au-Prince, June 5, Ambassador DeCourey stated that a note of recognition (not printed) drafted in this sense had been delivered at the Foreign Office that morning. (Telegram 188 is filed under 738.02/6–550.) In his announcement of recognition, Michael J. McDermott, Special Assistant to the Secretary for Press Relations, stated in part: “The United States is taking action today to continue diplomatic relations with Haiti. This action is in conformity with this Government’s policy with respect to recognition, and [is taken?] after an exchange of views with the other American republics. Ambassador William E. DeCourcy is sending a note today to the Foreign Minister, telling him that we are continuing relations with Haiti.” Complete text of the announcement, made at a press conference held June 5, is printed in Department of State, “Daily Press and Radio News Conferences,” vol. v, 1950, under date.
  4. Not printed.