Memorandum by the Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs ( Miller ) to the Secretary of State

Some time ago you suggested the preparation of an article on inter-American policy similar to the “X” article.1 Such an article was prepared by Louis Halle, Planning Adviser in ARA, and was published in the July issue of Foreign Affairs. 2 A copy of the magazine is attached and I hope that you will have time to read this excellent restatement of our Latin American policy.

This policy line has been reflected in three speeches which I have made this year, at the Rotary Club in Charleston, West Virginia last January,3 at the Philadelphia Bulletin Forum on March 224 and at the meeting of the Pennsylvania Federation of Labor May 9.5

  1. Documents in file 611.20 indicate that a draft of this article existed at least as early as February 1950.
  2. “Y,” “On a Certain Impatience with Latin America,” Foreign Affairs, vol. 28, no. 4, (July 1950), pp. 565–579.
  3. Press Release No. 27, which contains Mr. Miller’s speech of January 11, is included in Department of State Press Releases, 1950, under date.
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