350/1–1850: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Representative on the Trusteeship Council of the United Nations (Sayre), at Geneva


93. Sov walkout Jan 16 from ECOSOC Comite on Procedure, Sub-com on Discrimination and Minorities, and ad hoc Comite on Statelessness, fol similar SC tactics last week, suggests Sovs intend generalize this procedure in all UN organs where Chi represented. Among other reasons for this action, Sovs may consider this foolproof means curry favor Chi Communist and score propaganda victory when they return to organs after Chi Natl reps depart.

If TC refuses expel Chi rep at Sov request and Sov rep leaves TC, Dept desires you make statement along fol lines:

“Withdrawal of Sov rep from this mtg and statement just made that his Govt will not recognize legality decisions of TC taken in absence Sov rep repeats what now appears to be standard Sov practice in UN organs where Chi is represented.

[Page 198]

“Needless to say neither this Council nor other UN organs and agencies can for one moment agree to doctrine that willful absence of single member can have any effect whatever on validity of decisions taken.

“I ask TC members to consider prospects for effective action by TC or any other UN organ if all members showed same arbitrary and dictatorial attitude as rep of USSR and absented themselves or refused to recognize decisions of organs concerned whenever their own views on any particular problem were not accepted. Clearly such an attitude wld make it impossible for UN organs to operate effectively.

“My delegation has been guided in this matter by view that any question re credentials of any rep of TC member shld be decided in accordance with TC Rules of Procedure. US accepts decision just taken by Council; if decision had been otherwise, US, although opposed to it, wld have been prepared abide by that decision and continue its cooperation in work of Council. Of course, My Govt cannot agree that non-participation of Sov rep has any effect whatever upon legality of TC decisions. As members of this Council are well aware, TC operated during its first two sessions without benefit of Sov participation. Council is fully able to do so again.”