330/1–1750: Telegram

The Chargé in Yugoslavia ( Reams ) to the Secretary of State


60. From what has been printed in local press re initial session SC, it is evident Yugoslavs have derived considerable satisfaction from two early developments:

Tacit Soviet acceptance of Yugoslavia’s presence on Council. In this regard Politika notes that Soviet delegate in statement demanding ejection Kuomintang delegation stated five SC members had recognized PR China, and that although Malik did not name five members it is well-known Yugoslavia is one. Thus in spite threats and withdrawal Vyshinski at fourth session UN at which he said USSR would not recognize Yugoslavia’s election as member SC, the attitude of Malik “is obvious proof that whole Soviet campaign against [Page 197] election Yugoslavia to membership in Council has completely collapsed”.
Opportunity for Yugoslavia to play role of ardent supporter Chinese Communist Government. In backing Soviet demand for ouster Kuomintang delegation Yugoslavia not only embarrasses USSR by display Communist orthodoxy but hopes gain favor with Chinese Communist leadership by this show of friendship and common cause.

In connection latter development Borba1 January 16 criticizes Soviet walkout [garble] USSR had continued participate both in SC and GA subsequent PR China request November 16 to GA for ejection Kuomintang delegation from UN although now claiming attitude always based on principle. “Can this attitude of Soviet delegation be described as principled (asks Borba)? Does not this show that Soviet delegation consider that certain instruments of UN become illegal only when Soviet delegation proclaim them illegal? The question arises what use is it to Chinese people that USSR does not take part in work of SC. What use is it to Chinese people and Soviet policy to sharpen relations between West and New China? …2 one is forced to conclusion Soviet Government here too is following its own interests exclusively”.

Sent Department 60; repeated Moscow 10; Department pass Moscow.

  1. Official Yugoslav news organ.
  2. Omission indicated in the source text.