The Consul at Jerusalem ( Hooper ) to the Secretary of State

No. 2269

Sir: I have the honor to refer to this Consulate General’s confidential airgram no. A–89, September 4, 1945,24 regarding Jewish immigration.

[Page 815]

Approximately 4,800 certificates were reported available as of August 1, 1945, out of the 10,300 allotted October 1, 1944. The arrivals in August numbered 1,489 and in September 2,080. The number of arrivals during October has not yet been determined, but one ship brought about 1,000 immigrants, and it appears that the White Paper quota is for all practical purposes exhausted.

About 3,000 certificates still remain in the hands of British authorities to cover commitments previously made. Due to cancellations of some of such previous commitments, the British authorities offered the Jewish Agency additional 1,500 certificates in September, which were to have been used upon the exhaustion of the 10,300 allotment, which the Jewish Agency declined to accept, indicating that they would not engage in any discussions connected with the White Paper policy. Nevertheless, the Government allotted 800 certificates to Jewish refugees in Italy and 630 to Bulgarian Jews who had been promised certificates over a year ago. These refugees are expected to leave for Palestine shortly.

Mr. E. Dobkin, Head of the Immigration Department of the Jewish Agency, at a press conference appears to have stated that of the 75,000 certificates under the White Paper quota, 72,000 have actually been used up, of which 20,000 certificates were deducted by the Government for illegal immigrants entering the country during the past six years.

Respectfully yours,

Malcolm P. Hooper
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