883.00/11–345: Telegram

The Chargé in Egypt (Lyon) to the Secretary of State

2053. Sporadic and indiscriminate rioting continued this morning and several more shops in the smart shopping district had their windows bashed in while rocks were heaved at several cinemas. However, the situation seems to have completely quieted down at present.

The opinion is growing that in spite of the fact that the Prime Minister11 personally visited one of the scenes of the riot yesterday the Govt lacked real energy in quashing the hoodlum activities. The British Minister,12 whose Embassy has received protests and claims from several important British shopowners who have suffered, in some cases considerably, called on Nokrashi today to urge a firmer hand.

We have heard from several sources that the Govt endeavored to enlist labor syndicates for yesterday’s demonstrations in order to create a strong pro-Arab atmosphere for the Arab League Conference now in session.

The students at Al Azhar and Fouad Universities continued their strike today but as far as is known have not caused undue trouble. The Legation has now received over 120 telegrams in addition to numerous petitions, many of which protest against President Truman’s policy as well as the Balfour Declaration.

The Consulates at Port Said and Suez had nothing of interest to report but at Alexandria rioting was apparently even more serious than Cairo with some 200 reported injured and from 4 to 10 killed, reports varying. Doolittle13 says not a show window in immediate neighborhood of Consulate is intact but it appears looting was on a considerably smaller scale than in Cairo.

  1. Mahmoud Fahmy el-Nokrashy.
  2. Reginald J. Bowker, Counsellor of British Embassy in Egypt, with the rank of Minister.
  3. Hooker A. Doolittle, Consul General at Alexandria.