867N.01/10–2745: Telegram

The British Embassy to the Department of State 92

Text of a Telegram From the Foreign Office Dated October 27th, 1945

I do not want to risk failure to agree with the United States Government on the terms of reference when we are so close.

Byrnes has told you that if the United States Government were to agree to transposition of (1) and (2) of the terms of reference, they would find it extremely difficult to consent to the retention of the words “or other countries outside Europe” in our re-draft of the original No. 2 [3?].

[Page 800]

You have authority to revert to the original order of terms of reference provided that we can keep the words “or other countries outside Europe”, to which I attach very great importance.

  1. Forwarded to the Deputy Director of the Office of Near Eastern Affairs (Allen) by the British Minister (Balfour) on October 27, 1945.