867N.01/10–945: Telegram

The Consul at Jerusalem (Hooper) to the Secretary of State

193. Remytel 192, October 6, 9 a.m.61 Mass meetings held throughout Palestine yesterday without any untoward incidents. Usual attack made on White Paper and demand for immediate revocation, strong statements made to effect that Jews will enter Palestine by all means and that Jewry will strenuously oppose any impairment of its rights in the homeland, including land restrictions. Indignation expressed against recent frontier incident at Kfarginadi and affirmation made that Jewish Community stands ready at command of national institutions for whatever called upon to undertake.

Comment: Organized illegal immigration from Syria and Lebanon becoming prominent and Kfarginadi was attempt of Frontier Force to detain group of some 50 on October 6. About 7 settlers injured, one seriously, when the FF (Frontier Force) clashed with villagers armed with sticks. This incident may become a focal point for continued Jewish propaganda.

  1. Not printed; it reported that mass meetings and stoppage of work by Jews were called for October 9 (867N.01/10–945).