868.00/2–1645: Telegram

The Ambassador in Greece ( MacVeagh ) to the Secretary of State

185. See my No. 182 of February 15, 6 p.m. It is stated in today’s press that on the occasion of Churchill’s brief visit here the other day Central Committee of EAM sent him greetings reaffirming the decision of the Greek people to fight alongside the Allies until the enemy is totally destroyed. The message is further quoted as saying “we shall do all we can to bring peace to our country and we are sure your [Page 116] arrival here will greatly help to this end. Counting on Great Britain’s aid we shall struggle for our country’s immediate and complete restoration”.

In contrast to the above … reports indicate that while Communist controlled EAM may now be expected to collaborate ostensibly with the Government under the peace terms the Communist Party is not only endeavoring to reform its cell system in Athens but has already “some sort of organization in operation” for “subversion of the Greek Armed Forces, the obstruction of Greek Government authority and preservation of the revolutionary machine in all its aspects political and military”.