890B.00/1–545: Telegram

The Minister in Saudi Arabia (Eddy) to the Secretary of State

9. ReLegs 8, January 4, 1 p.m.3 Abdel Rahman Azzam4 informs me that in signing Pan-Arab Protocol5 King Abdul Aziz al Saud6 urges (1) military alliance to protect Arab States against aggression and (2) joint commitment to defend Arab Palestine against Zionism, by force if necessary. King stated he would be honored to die on battlefield himself, a champion of Palestine Arabs.

With Axis radio propaganda grossly exaggerating US official support of Zionism I submit that any pro-Zionist move by US Government would be most unfortunate. Details by airgram A–3, January 5, 9 a.m.7

Sent Department; repeated to Cairo, Jerusalem, Beirut and Baghdad.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Egyptian Minister of State in charge of Arab relations.
  3. Reference is to the Alexandria Protocol of October 7, 1944, which embodied the results of a meeting held at Alexandria, September 25–October 7, 1944, of official delegations from the several Arab States and known as the Preliminary Committee of the General Arab Conference; for text of the Protocol, see Department of State Bulletin, May 18, 1947, p. 966. With regard to the interest of the United States in the general question of Arab union, see bracketed note, Foreign Relations, 1944, vol. v. p. 660, and ante, p. 25.
  4. King of Saudi Arabia.
  5. Not printed.