882.51/11–2145: Telegram

The Minister in Liberia (Walton) to the Secretary

451. Today I received informal note from Secretary of State Dennis in reply to my informal note of November 13 conveying Dept’s observations made in Deptel 288, November 8. I have been requested by Dennis to inform my Govt that President Tubman is greatly gratified [Page 600] by assurance of interest expressed by Dept in every phase of Liberian Govt’s 5-year program including those parts which are expected to be privately financed; that 5-year plan is very elaborate one whose execution will not be possible from current revenues of Liberian Govt and that in the event it becomes impossible to secure financing from United States plan will have to be modified and made to fit within limits of Govt’s financial ability; that meanwhile intimation that Dept desires to consider adequacy of entire program of development is noted.

It is also the wish of Tubman that I inform my Govt that he has taken due note of emphasis which it places on social, political and economic reforms and that “he is profoundly concerned with and deeply cognizant of the matters pointed out in this respect and has already begun these reforms, being committed both by the outline of his policies published prior to his election and confirmed in his inaugural address to see these reforms made practical, not use such to insure expanded or even continued United States assistance, as the basic national fundamental justness and righteousness of such reforms.”

Two copies of 5-year plan were enclosed for consideration of Dept which are being transmitted today by diplomatic pouch.16

  1. Transmitted to the Department in despatch 745, November 21, 1945, from Monrovia, not printed. The copies of the plan have not been found in Department files.