882.51/7–2945: Telegram

The Minister in Liberia ( Walton ) to the Secretary of State

311. President Tubman and I conferred today for two hours and a half at the Legation. He commended Dept’s “fine approach” in memorandum submitted by Acting Secretary Grew to Vice President Simpson with respect to the importance of Liberia’s formulating a new financial program. It is his intention to hold a Cabinet meeting in the near future when it is expected that favorable consideration will be given to Dept’s suggestion that the Liberian Govt formulate a comprehensive program which will specifically indicate various projects under contemplation and their respective costs in keeping with ability to pay.

I emphasized importance of administration taking heed of friendly advice given by Dept and President Tubman assured me that policy of retrenchment would be reflected in new budget.

Other memoranda brought back from Washington by Vice President Simpson were discussed. President Tubman favors idea of contracting railroad which would also serve French territory contiguous to Liberia provided American Govt interests are identified with such a project.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

For two hours on the 28th instant Vice President Simpson discussed with me at the Legation memoranda in question. He appears to be in complete agreement with President except that like Walker11 he prefers a combination of interests to operate iron ore concession and port.

  1. Walter F. Walker, Liberian Consul General at New York.