891.105A/9–2745: Telegram

The Ambassador in Iran (Murray) to the Secretary of State

775. Embtel 770 September 26. In conversation with Prime Minister last night I informed him assurances given on work of Schwarzkopf Mission were unsatisfactory. He agreed to prepare new reply and today Embassy received from FonOff communication in following sense:

The Prime Minister has written FonOff that the aide-mémoire,84 outlining Schwarzkopf’s conditions for the full success of his work and the steps necessary for the removal of his difficulties, has been accepted. The Prime Minister also writes that Iran Govt is greatly interested in success of work of Gendarmerie and perfection of its organization and will afford Schwarzkopf its utmost assistance in fulfillment of his duties.

While future Govts might conceivably claim this committed only present Prime Minister, I consider note satisfactory and unless instructed to contrary shall proceed with renewal of agreement for engagement of the mission.85

  1. This refers to an undated aide-mémoire sent to the Iranian Ministry for Foreign Affairs which summarized the conversation of the American Ambassador, Colonel Schwarzkopf and Colonel Boone with the Iranian Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs on September 6 and set forth Colonel Schwarzkopf’s conditions for continuation of his mission. A copy was transmitted to the Department in despatch 359, April 25, 1946, not printed. (891.105A/4–2546)
  2. There is no evidence in Department files that a reply was sent to telegram 775.