891.105A/5–2445: Telegram

The Chargé in Iran (Ward) to the Secretary of State

344. Agreement covering American Military Mission to Iranian gendarmerie expires Oct 2 and Colonel Boone Acting Chief of Mission feels decision regarding renewal should be made by early July to give time for necessary arrangements in case Mission is terminated.

Boone has informed Embassy he considers it useless to continue another year unless adequate cooperation obtained from Iran Govt. Program for full reorganization of gendarmerie was drawn up long ago and approved by proper administrative authorities but has come to standstill because basic legislation required has not been enacted by Majlis. Specifically Boone says 5 laws are essential.

[Here follows discussion of proposed legislative program.]

Besides legislative problems Mission is faced with increasing interference by Iranian politicians with personal ends to serve (Emb’s despatch 292, May 12).

In view of foregoing Boone suggests Iran Govt be told agreement cannot be renewed and all supplies will be stopped unless definite assurances given legislative program will be passed and political interference stopped. He appreciates such assurances may be entirely [Page 530] worthless since Govt unable control Majlis and subject to change without notice but feels this would give US Govt grounds for later withdrawal of Mission at any time if conditions fail to improve.

I concur in this and suggest Dept discuss it with Schwarzkopf who is in U.S.