891.00/11–2645: Telegram

The Ambassador in Iran ( Murray ) to the Secretary of State

1001. I understand Reuters reports from Moscow that Soviet Govt expects an Iranian mission to be sent to Moscow.

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In past 2 days both Homayunjah and Nabil65 of FonOff have said Iranian Govt has put aside idea of dispatching special mission at least until after present crisis ends. Govt said to feel mission would be useless now unless it were authorized make concessions to Russians which Iranian Govt not yet prepared to do.

Nabil yesterday outlined items which Russians have indicated they want as follows:

Oil concession northern Iran.
Air transport rights not only between Russia and Tehran but also for internal transport between Tehran, Tabriz and Meshed. (He said Iranian Govt prepared to grant international rights to Soviets on same terms as to U.S. but not prepared to grant internal rights.)
Some sort of special position at port of Pahlavi on Caspian (Nabil thinks they ultimately hope to regain full control of this port which was in Russian hands prior to treaty of 192166).
Agreement on maintenance of Astara-Resht-Qazvin highway. (Nabil considers this presents little difficulty.)

He said Iranian Govt had expected early return of Soviet Ambassador Maximov but Iranian Ambassador Moscow has now been told Maximov will not return. Soviet FonOff, however, has promised new Ambassador will be sent shortly.

To Dept as 1001; Moscow 291; London 96.

  1. Fazlullah Nabil, Head of the Third Political Division of the Iranian Ministry for Foreign Affairs.
  2. At that time the port was known as Enzeli.