891.00/11–2545: Telegram

The Ambassador in Iran ( Murray ) to the Secretary of State

996. Homayunjah last night told Embassy officer Foreign Office had sent two additional notes to Soviet Embassy on November 23.62 One stated reports had been received from Zenjan that “unknown” persons, some armed, were filtering into that city and it was feared disturbances were planned. Note therefore renewed request that Iranian troops be allowed proceed beyond Qazvin.

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Second note complained against asserted continued maintenance Soviet military offices Tehran and coming and going of Soviet troops here after announced Russian evacuation of city. Homayunjah said this second note was motivated by reports that Soviets had stocks of arms in Tehran and were preparing disturbances here.

He said no reply has been received from Soviets to any of notes sent during past week on these subjects and he claimed to know however that Soviet Embassy had telegraphed texts of all four to Moscow.

Although he said Iran Govt still had little news of events Azerbaijan he believed conditions were quieter there. Emphasized that Govt would proceed calmly and avoid raising complications for its friends US and Britain. Declared belief all nations of world realized justice in present case lay on side of Iran. Expressed confidence that if Soviets ceased encouraging dissatisfied elements and Iran Govt left free to act order would be restored without use of force. Said Iran Govt prepared to consider Azerbaijan in complaints. Said he was relieved to hear “Democratic Party” was not demanding separation from Iran but only local autonomy.

Weather permitting Governor General Bayat expects to leave today for Tabriz in plane Soviets have put at his disposal. Homayunjah said he was encouraged by this evidence Russian good will.

To Dept as 996, repeated London 94, Moscow 289.

  1. Copies of these notes in French, dated November 22 and November 23, 1945, were transmitted to the Department in despatch 162, November 26, from Tehran, not printed; see note 2313, November 27, from the Iranian Ambassador, p. 459.