891.00/11–2445: Telegram

The Ambassador in Iran ( Murray ) to the Secretary of State

988. Deptel 642, November 22. Unless otherwise specified when towns are reported quiet they are believed still in control Iran Government authorities.

We have only Iran Government reports as to what towns are under control of insurgents and cannot be sure whether these are based on [Page 451] direct official information from affected areas or on stories from unofficial travelers and the like. So far as our information goes Zenjan is still certainly under Iran Government control and it is virtually certain this is true of Tabriz, Ardabil, Astara and Rezaieh. Mianeh, Sarab and Bonap (near Maragheh) have been repeatedly reported in insurgent hands and these reports have not been denied. Situation in Miandoab, Maragheh and other towns that section is unclear. Traveler who left Tabriz several days ago says “democrats” seemed in control from Bostanabad (between Tabriz and Mianeh) to point on highway southeast of Mianeh.

When using term “insurgents” or “rebels” I am simply following local press and officialdom for reasons of convenience. I have still to obtain clear information as to causes of disturbances and to determine unmistakably whether participants formally deny authority of Central Government. We are not even sure of identity of groups concerned who may well be Turkish speaking Soviets infiltrated into Iran. There have been many reports of such infiltration.