800.796/4–1945: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Winant )

3048. In a separate telegram13 you have been furnished the text of a note dated April 18, 1945 which was handed to a representative of the British Embassy, inviting assurances that the British will not oppose our efforts to acquire aviation landing rights in the Near and Middle East.

For your own information, the Iraq Foreign Minister has advised our Ambassador14 that while his Government wishes to conclude bilateral air transport agreement with us, he was confident that the British would object and he inquired confidentially if we could obtain an undertaking from the British Government not to bring pressure on the Iraq Government to reply unfavorably. This situation probably applies to other countries as well.

Since we are anxious to conclude arrangements for our projected commercial airlines without further delay, it is hoped that you can find an early opportunity to request the Foreign Office to make a prompt and favorable reply to our note under reference.

  1. Telegram 3052, April 19, 1945, not printed.
  2. Telegram 137, April 3, 1945, 6 p.m., from Baghdad, not printed.