868.014/7–1345: Telegram

Mr. Alexander G. Kirk, Political Adviser to the Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean Theater, to the Secretary of State

2940. Our 2280, May 21. SAC has now informed Greek Military Mission27 of following policy to be adopted re violations of Greek frontiers.

It is improbable that large-scale incursions into Greece by Bulgarian, Albanian or Yugoslav forces will occur, but possible there may be small-scale incursions. It is unlikely they would be backed by govts concerned but in order test our reactions and as part of general war of nerves may have their unofficial backing.

SAC also informed Greek Military Mission its primary task in Greece is support of Greek Govt in maintaining law and order and that British forces should be disposed accordingly. Greek forces should be entirely responsible for guarding of own frontiers but Greek [British?] military should be prepared support Greek Govt in event frontiers are violated by concentrating maximum force in affected area to extent existing forces will allow. All precautionary steps are to be taken, however, to avoid hostilities with any Yugoslav, Bulgarian or Albanian forces which may penetrate into Greece and force will not be used except in event direct attack without prior consultation AFHQ.

  1. That is, the British Military Mission in Greece.