868.00/6–845: Telegram

The Ambassador in Greece (MacVeagh) to the Secretary of State

565. Urtl 437, May 31. Have strongly presented Dept’s views to UndMin FonOff15 who expressed understanding. However, fear informal approach unlikely produce effect in view weakness Govt and highly excited state local political world (though apparently not public at large) over question national claims. Original efforts by Rightists to appropriate such claims with view to posing as only true patriots in coming elections have now stampeded Leftists into following suit and each camp appears trying to outdo other. Thus outrageous paper mentioned by Barnes is Rightist organ, while Zacharides, Communist [Page 318] leader, has completely reversed reported Paris interview (my tel 501, May 3016) and said that if “the Republican Parties” desire have Greece regain northern Epirus by force arms, he will not oppose. He has also revived old demand for Cyprus, taunting Rightists with ignoring this claim out of deference to their Brit “masters”, and EAM has raised question eastern Thrace. Finally, weakness of Govt in face this double agitation shown in statement by Press Minister yesterday: “Greece has no aim of conquest, but she will fight for her national rights on the unredeemed land of Epirus with which the blood of her heros has created new bonds.” Possibly Allied official condemnation this kind of talk as prejudicial best interests of nation in advance of peace settlement might prove salutary.

  1. Michael Tsamados.
  2. Not printed.