711.90J/12–245: Telegram

The King of Yemen (the Imam Yehya bin Mohamed Hamid-ud-din ) to President Truman 15


With great pleasure we received your esteemed and generous cable. From it we learned what we had so greatly desired—our mutual wish to establish friendly relations between our Government and your noble Government.

We thank Your Majesty for the noble and sagacious sentiments expressed. They cause me to admire your great person most profoundly.

We welcome the delegates whom you mention with pleasure and, God willing, there will prevail understanding and preparation for the foundation of these friendly relations on the basis of justice and right.

Their arrival will be by plane to Aden; then their travel to us will be by the same way followed by Mr. Clark. Please accept our sincerest respects.

  1. Original telegram in Arabic forwarded from the White House to the Department on December 4 with request “for translation and appropriate action” (711.90J/12–445). The White House was informed on December 14 by the Chief of Protocol (Summerlin) that “appropriate action … is being taken by the Department”. (711.90J/12–445)